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What Are Dentures?

Dentures are detachable false teeth that are utilized to restore teeth that have been lost as a result of dental decay, accident, or another reason. Dentures are removable dental prosthetics that are fabricated to replace lost teeth by conforming closely to the wearer’s jaws in terms of both size and shape.

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How Do Dentures Work?

In order to replace missing or removed natural teeth, your Pasadena dentist will craft dentures, which are artificial teeth and gums that are shaped to fit your mouth. Dentures may be full or partial, which means that they can either completely cover the top or bottom gum line or simply the few missing teeth. Whatever kind of dentures you need, they will be made specifically for your mouth and will be aesthetically similar to your natural teeth.

What Dentures Are Offered In Pasadena?

Full Dentures
Complete dentures are full replacements for all of your teeth and are often what come to mind when people think of dentures. This might be a combined set for your complete mouth, or it can be a full set of either your upper or lower teeth.

For maximum comfort, complete dentures must be placed correctly. With the right maintenance, dentures  in Pasadena may last 5 to 10 years.

Immediate Dentures
Immediate dentures are applied right after a tooth is extracted and serve as a temporary solution while your bone and tissue recover. Immediate dentures provide a variety of advantages, but they may need to be adjusted often as your jaw adjusts to them.

Like full dentures, overdentures are removable. The distinction is that one or more natural teeth are utilized for support rather than all of the teeth being used. When chewing, this kind of denture offers higher stability as well.

Partial Dentures
When just a few of your teeth are missing, partial dentures may fill up the gaps in your smile. The dentures are secured to your natural teeth by metal attachments. By keeping your remaining teeth from moving, partial dentures preserve dental alignment. Additionally, partial dentures might aid in stopping future tooth loss brought on by decay or gum disease.

What Can I Anticipate From My First Visit?

During your first appointment for dentures in Pasadena, our dentist will evaluate your health to determine if you are a suitable candidate for dentures and will offer you a realistic estimate of the cost, functionality, and look of those dentures.

Your mouth will be examined by our dentist, who will also analyze your overall health. They will inquire about any medical disorders or allergies that could impact the fabrication of your dentures, as well as if you are being treated by a physician. Your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and won’t be shared with anybody.

Following the assessment, our dentist will provide you with a thorough breakdown of the outcomes you may anticipate from new dentures.

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How Do You Take Care Of Your Dentures?

You could be instructed to wear your dentures constantly for the first few days after receiving them, even while you sleep. The best approach to determine if any component of the dentures has to be altered is to do this, even though it may not be immediately comfortable, this is important that way you can get used to dentures in Pasadena.

It will be customary to take your dentures out before bed once any essential modifications have been made. As your tongue and saliva naturally stimulate and cleanse your gum tissues, your gum tissues will have time to relax.

Since dentures may amass plaque and tartar in the same manner that actual teeth do, you will need to clean them the same way you would natural teeth.

We’ll be pleased to provide you step-by-step instructions that are simple to understand on how to take care of your dentures from our clinic.

Restore Your Smile With Dentures

Denture FAQs

How long do dentures last?

The lifespan of dentures ranges from 5 to 10 years, but with proper care, they can last even longer. Factors like wear and tear, changes in oral structure, and maintenance habits influence their longevity. Regular check-ups can ensure optimal performance and durability.

Do dentures affect speech?

Initially, dentures may slightly alter speech patterns as the mouth adjusts to the new appliance. Dentists can make adjustments to improve comfort and speech clarity, ensuring minimal disruption to daily communication.

Can I eat normally with dentures?

Yes, modern dentures in Pasadena are specifically crafted to restore optimal chewing function. However, there may be an adjustment period while the mouth gets accustomed to the new appliance, so it’s advisable to start with softer foods and gradually reintroduce a normal diet.

Can dentures be repaired if they break?

Yes, dentures can often be repaired if they break or become damaged. Our dentists can fix cracks, replace missing teeth, or adjust the fit of your denture. However, in some cases, if the denture is severely damaged, it may need to be replaced.

Can dentures improve facial appearance?

Yes, dentures can enhance facial appearance by restoring lost teeth and supporting facial structures. They fill out the cheeks and lips, reducing the sunken appearance often associated with missing teeth. Additionally, well-fitted dentures can provide support to facial muscles, contributing to a more youthful appearance.

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