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What Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

Your wisdom teeth, or third molars as they are commonly known, are the final to emerge in your mouth. Your wisdom teeth start forming around the age of seven, as opposed to other teeth, which start growing in the jaw right before birth. Located in the mouth’s four rear corners, these teeth normally don’t break through the gums until you’re between the ages of 17 and 21. That said, wisdom teeth can cause pain for some people as well as push the rest of their teeth out of place.

What Steps Are Involved In Wisdom Tooth Removal?

It is a common and safe procedure to remove wisdom teeth. To correctly assess the positioning of the wisdom teeth, we first take X-rays of your mouth. We will take X-rays before your planned wisdom tooth extraction, but we may need more on the day of your dental procedure.

In order to make the procedure painless, a local anesthetic is administered into the gums. After the anesthetic takes effect, your dentist will remove the wisdom teeth from your mouth by loosening the surrounding tissues. It’s possible to sense pressure but not discomfort. Following removal, some individuals need sutures which will dissolve on their own.

Why Do I Need To Remove My Wisdom Teeth?

Some patients have no trouble fitting wisdom teeth in. You won’t necessarily need to have these molars removed if your jaw can accommodate them comfortably erupting. The recommendation to remove wisdom teeth is given in many situations, however. Patients who have wisdom teeth issues may encounter the following issues:

  • Impaction, in which the teeth cannot properly or comfortably erupt because they either develop at an angle or get caught in the jawbone.
  • The wisdom tooth has only partly erupted.
  • The formation of cysts in or around the wisdom teeth.
  • Damage to the jawbone around the wisdom tooth or to other teeth.
  • Complications from orthodontic procedures meant to align other teeth.

The best way to address the majority of wisdom tooth concerns is by tooth extraction. We can assist you in understanding your choices whether you’re in pain or merely see your wisdom teeth sprouting and are unsure of the next course of action.

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