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Zoom Whitening: What Is It?

Zoom Whitening is a bleaching technique designed to lighten both enamel and dentin discolouration in a safe manner. Smoking and certain meals and drinks may cause tooth discolouration. As you age, your teeth may also discolor and get discoloured as well. Whatever the cause, bleaching teeth with Zoom Whitening may effectively brighten stained or discolored teeth.

woman during teeth whitening in Pasadena

Benefits Of Zoom Teeth Whitening In Pasadena

  • Treatment is very quick
  • Long-term outcomes
  • An increase in self-assurance
  • Instantly brighter smile and whiter teeth

How Effective Is Zoom Whitening?

The process uses a focused blue LED light and a hydrogen peroxide bleach gel to remove stains and restore the natural whiteness of your smile.

To get started, your doctor will meet with you and have an initial consultation to discuss your goals. Due to the fact that not everyone is a good candidate for teeth whitening, the consultation is essential.

If you have fillings or other appliance work done, you may often end up with teeth that are various hues of white. For this reason, this consultation will thoroughly go over all of your past dental history to ensure the best results.

How Long Does It Take Zoom To Whiten The Teeth?

If you are found to be a suitable candidate for teeth whitening in Pasadena, you ought to be able to finish the full process in only one visit.

One of our dental specialists will cover your lips and gums after you come and settle comfortably before applying Zoom hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and setting up the chairside Blue LED light for three or four fifteen minute sessions.

After your three to four sessions are over, your teeth are painted with a fluoride paste gel that lessens sensitivity. Your results will be visible as soon as your treatment is done.

woman after teeth whitening in Pasadena

Your Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment Process

A routine teeth cleaning is advised before the Zoom teeth whitening treatment, although the whole process takes less than an hour. Shortly before the treatment starts, the lips and gums are covered, leaving the teeth unprotected. The Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is next applied by the dentist or dental assistant. This gel works in conjunction with the Zoom light to enter the teeth and dissolve stains and discolorations. While the light is turned on, the gel is left in place for 15 minutes. You may unwind, watch TV, or listen to music at this time.

For a 45-minute teeth whitening in Pasadena, three 15-minute periods of light activation are used to apply the gel. After that, the teeth are painted with a fluoride paste-gel to lessen sensitivity.

Following Treatment: Preserving Whitening Results

You will get a Zoom at-home touch-up kit with whitening trays that are specially made for you. Use this touch-up kit as directed by your dentist, according to the right circumstances.

Your dentist may suggest that you stay away from or consume certain foods and drinks in moderation in order to prevent staining your teeth and help preserve the whitening results of your procedure. This includes things like cola, red wine, tea, and coffee.

Additionally, even after teeth-whitening procedures, cigarette products will discolor teeth. Your dentist will advise you to stop using them as a result. To prevent stains from reappearing, follow a proper oral hygiene routine and schedule routine cleanings with your dentist and dental hygienist.

Your dentist could also advise using whitening toothpaste to preserve the effects of the operation.

Before & After Teeth Whitening

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